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VVRS Chitfund Tamilnadu Pvt Ltd, established in 1996 by Rtn Mr. M. Asaithambi, began with a small office and few employees. Now a government-registered private limited company, it serves over 40,000 subscribers from small shopkeepers to entrepreneurs. With the head office in Tirupur and branches in Coimbatore and Erode, they plan to expand across Tamil Nadu. VVRS Chitfund is trusted for timely prize money distribution within 10 days and offers doorstep subscription collection. Their growth is attributed to the reliability, a strong savings system, and an emphasis on proper securities for member safety. Established with Rs.10,000 in 1996, it has flourished to over 50,000 subscribers with chit values ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore by 2018.
About us


VVRS Chit Funds guarantee a secure pathway to financial growth, assuring your investment's profitability and stability. Experience the safety and security of your investment with VVRS Chit Funds, offering reliable and well-structured interest rates.
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Why Choose VVRS Chitfunds?

  • Secured Investments :   VVRS Chitfunds ensure a safe and secure investment platform.
  • Transparent Processes :  Experience clear and straightforward procedures at every step.
  • Flexible Loan Options :  Avail flexible loan choices at low-interest rates.
  • Convenient Collections :  Enjoy hassle-free doorstep collections for your payments.
  • Assured Financial Growth :   Rest assured of consistent financial growth with VVRS Chitfunds.
  • Trusted & Reliable :  Choose a trusted and reliable partner for your financial needs.
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Chit funds are a financial instrument that is used in both borrowing and saving aspects. Chit funds are a kind of financial arrangement wherein a few individuals gather and pool a fixed sum of money at regular intervals.
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Exceptional Customer Service at VVRS Chitfunds: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority
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Efficient Collections & Swift Settlements at VVRS Chitfunds: Ensuring Financial Harmony
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Unlock unparalleled creativity with VVRS, fostering innovative solutions to drive your business forward.
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We prioritize risk management strategies that shield your business from uncertainties.
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Simplify fund management with VVRS, offering intuitive and accessible tools that make managing finances a breeze.

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VVRS Chitfunds a Government-Licensed Company, for secure and trustworthy chitfund investments, ensuring your financial future is in reliable hands.

Frequently asked question

  • What is VVRS Chitfunds?

    VVRS Chitfunds is a registered chit fund company that facilitates a financial platform where members can save and borrow through a chit scheme.

  • How does VVRS Chitfunds work?

    Members contribute a fixed amount monthly, forming a chit group. Through regular draws, one member receives the pooled amount, benefiting on a rotational basis.

  • Is VVRS Chitfunds regulated and safe?

    Yes, VVRS Chitfunds operates under legal guidelines and is committed to the safety and transparency of transactions, ensuring the security of members' investments.


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